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What Guides My Creative Process?

When I design, I operate on three guiding principles: Faith and Rebellion,

Community, and Social Advocacy. Faith and Rebellion work hand-in-hand, although they seem like competing concepts. I challenge myself to step out in faith and take risks. I rebel against the expected, knowing that knowledge will grow no matter the outcome. Architecture is a vessel for creating community. I operate daily being conscious of community by investing in others so that we live in a more beautiful and vibrant place. Finally, all architecture should advocate for the betterment of people, as well as for the specific site and place. As a citizen, I use my voice to speak up and empower those who are marginalized to demand their voices be heard. I strive to create designs that advocate for and shed light on issues facing those on the margins, and empower others to join in my advocacy and affect change. These principles are the core of my creative profile, and allow me to move towards designed environments that allow for the emergence of respect, empathy, and relationships.

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