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ArchiKid Blog Series: Emotional Eating on a Budget

Yup, you read it right. We all just need to admit that everyone stress eats sometimes. I try to practice a healthy lifestyle, but there are some days where you just need to... you know...

So every now and then I'll be sharing my tips and tricks to emotional eating on a college student budget.

The first tip today is a short one: Kroger Brand Ice Cream Pints

If you go to school in Ohio, Kroger is a household name and your Kroger card is your life. I used to splurge on Ben and Jerry's or Graeter's Ice Cream. A single pint could cost me $3-$4, as well as over 1000 calories if I ate the whole thing that night (which I usually do because I'm a champ).

I don't know why, but I almost always just look over all of the other brands of ice cream. Until one day I noticed that you can buy one pint of Kroger brand ice cream for ONE DOLLAR (with your Kroger card). Game changer. Additionally, they're only 400 calories a pint! So you don't have to sink into complete and total self loathing after you finish it!

So just stop being an ice cream snob and get your fix for a couple bucks and a few hundred calories less. I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor. And if you don't have Kroger near you... I'm sorry.

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